About Our Delivery and Take Away

DELIVERY: Friday-Sunday
Minimum: $50 + $10 delivery fee to offset the costs of our service. We will waive the delivery fee for seniors who have financial hardship and are 55+* 
*Be aware that the extra fees associated with delivering and packaging are high- please do not request this discount unless you truly need it!

We deliver to Pine Cove, Idyllwild, Mountain Center, Garner Valley, Pinyon Pines, and the 111 from Palm Desert to Palm Springs. 
We now request that you Pre-Order BBQ and Pies 24 hours in advance. This helps us to order what we need, and ensure that you get what you want when you want it. (442) 400-9674. 
We send you a text when we depart, and package your meal to be consumed when you are ready! BBQ can be stored in the fridge or frozen, and is prepared with your re-heating it in mind, so it won't dry out. If you would prefer that it be delivered "ready to eat", just let us know at the time you order it. 

Take out orders can be placed Friday-Sun, before 7:00pm. In most cases, we will have your order ready within 30 minutes or less. Feel free to come on by and order at the take-out window, but remember that we are not a "fast food" place. Your order will be processed as quickly as possible given the other orders in the que- including deliveries and pre-orders. you are welcome to take a walk around the property and enjoy some nature while you wait. If you would prefer to NOT wait, we encourage you to pre-order your food before you leave your house, and give us 30 minutes to an hour to have it ready for you. Certain items can be ordered and received immediately- just let our staff know if you are in a hurry.

We are licensed to see beer and wine to go, and are happy to deliver closed containers. In addition to a selection of canned and bottled drinks, beer, and wine. 

On a nice day, plan a picnic near the Sugarloaf! Adjacent to the restaurant our lots span 17 acres, with hiking trails which lead to nearby trailheads. With so much room to move around, your isolation will feel a little more connected to the earth. We welcome you to bring your family, bring a tablecloth, and let us set you up with a secluded picnic to go - looking over the Santa Rosa Mountains.