“It Just Might Work”

The Sugarloaf has a history along Highway 74 which spans generations. Once the Nightingale Camp, this location housed and fed the workers who built the Palms to Pines Highway (Ca-74). Remodeled and abandoned, I fell in love with the idea that I could bring new life back into the Sugarloaf, or “the ‘Loaf” as the locals call it.

From the very beginning of this adventure, I knew that the locals were going to be everything to me. I learned this lesson years ago, in Venice Beach, CA. I was born in Long Beach, but lived in Venice from 2006-2016. When I first moved to Venice, I knew my neighborhood and the people who lived there through chance encounters at coffee shops, local art and dance classes, and walks in the neighborhood. Venice Beach changed quickly, and over a short period of time became over run by young tech kids, famous people, and developers. Our neighborhood spots transformed into trendy coffee shops and boutiques. It felt like we locals mattered less and less.

Maybe I have a kind of PTSD from a feeling of loss of my neighborhood, but I really believe that locals deserve special treatment. I like the idea of nourishing those closest to me, and in this case it’s Pinyon Pines - my new home. I decided that we would build this nostalgic market and cafe to honor the role it has played over the years in bringing people together over food, locals and visitors alike. We kept the basic concept simple: The Sugarloaf serves classic American food. We follow the seasons and change the menu when we find ingredients that we are really excited about.

One of the first pieces of feedback I received was skeptical yet oddly supportive. The customer wrote “….it just might work”, at the end of their email. This immediately became my mantra.

The Sugarloaf Cafe & Market is OPEN Thursday - Monday from 8am to 8pm. We take Tuesday and Wednesday OFF to re-group and conserve water.



70111 Highway 74
Pinyon Pines, CA

Map it!


(442) 400-9674







TWO CLASSES to choose from!

10:30-noon SOLD OUT OR 6:30-8pm

There is nothing like a homemade Apple Pie! We will start with the crust, the same way we make here at the Sugarloaf. Learn the secrets to this American Classic dessert, and you'll be able to modify it at home to create beautiful pies for friends and family. We will serve heavy appetizers during this class, along with 2 glasses of our house label wine (or draft beer, if you prefer). The pies you make in class can be picked up from the Sugarloaf Market after they've cooled - we will hold them for 24 hours (you may also choose to bring your pie home to bake).

 $50pp, or $80 for 2!

$40 for Local Keyholders

(8 students max per class)  .

What to Bring: The tools listed below. We will have all the ingredients and tools you’ll need working in a shared kitchen, but having your own tools is always a pleasure.

  • rolling pin • apron • cookie cutters or other crust decor • special pie tins, if it moves you

What to Wear: Dress comfortably, you may get a dusted or spattered in any class. That being said, feel free to be you- it’s why God invented aprons : )

What to Expect: A fun evening with old and new friends, drinking a little something while rolling out doughs and peeling fruits. We’ll munch on snacks from the Sugarloaf Kitchen and prep personal, full sized pies that can either be baked here or brought home.



Listen to vintage tunes and learn the art of frying chicken. I learned these skills from a legendary chef named Dante. He began his business, DFC, with a food truck. Serving up his grandmother's soul food recipes, Dante created a cult-like following of foodies across the United States. I had the pleasure of cooking with him at SXSW in Austin many years ago. Today Dante runs a "secret fried chicken delivery" in downtown LA. Wherever he goes, people fan-out over his fried chicken. We will serve light appetizers during this class, along with our house label wine and draft beer. After we get everything prepped, we will set a table outside and serve dinner family style under the stars, while letting vintage jazz music fuel the evening. It will be lovely.

Friday Sept 27, 6:30-8pm

$50pp, or $80 for 2!

$40 for Local Keyholders

(10 pp max)

What to Bring: We will have all the ingredients and tools you’ll need working in a shared kitchen. Mostly, Fried Chicken gets made using the love of your hands. Feel free to bring in old records you’d like to listen to!

What to Wear: Dress comfortably, you may get a dusted or spattered in any class. That being said, feel free to be you- it’s why God invented aprons : )

What to Expect: We’ll munch on snacks from the Sugarloaf Kitchen while we prep, and listen to good music spilling from vintage vinyl records. Elect to set the table outside, or watch as the Sugarloaf Chef’s fry our pieces into golden nugs from heaven. Afterwards we will eat outside if the weather allows, serving up a family style meal which will include salad, mashed potatoes, and our own fried chicken.


  1. Call the Sugarloaf at (442) 400-9674 to reserve your spot in the class of your choice (you will be asked for credit card payment at that time. If you wanna pay in cash, simply stop in!)

  2. Cancel up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund. Classes start promptly, so please feel free to arrive early. You will be able to order from the bar if you’d like something more - like a bottle to share over dinner. $10 corkage fee will apply to any bottle you’d like to bring.

  3. All food safety will be discussed during class. No cooking experience is required in order to attend our classes, but because we are serving alcohol and working close to heat, we cannot allow children in class (unless specified). We’ll do the dishes.